Edinburgh 2013-08-30 — 09-02

Publicerat: oktober 6, 2013 i Snygga skor och stövlar

As you all know I usually write in Swedish on my blog. But, since this is going to be a story about what I did when I went to Edinburgh to visit G, I will write it in English (so that he can understand it too). I know it’s over a month ago I got back, and promised to tell you about the trip, but as I wrote (in Swedish) earlier today my life is kind of hectic right now and the blog might not be the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning. 😉

Today, though, I’m not doing anything special… so, I thought that I’d take the time to show you some pictures from Edinburgh… and tell you about what I (we) did when I was there!

As I’ve already told you, we stayed at the hotel The Scotsman, right in the centre of Edinburgh.

iPhone 2013-10-02 1133

G made the reservations and succeeded in getting the Director’s Suite on the 8th floor for us. Both the room and the VIEW from the room was spectacular. 😉

iPhone 2013-10-02 1111

What do you think about the shower???


At breakfast, the day after my arrival, I had to try the Full Scottish Breakfast (including poached eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding and haggis). Absolutely not what I’m used to eat in the morning… but it was actually quite good. 😉

iPhone 2013-10-02 1147

After breakfast we went on a guided tour of the city. We walked the streets of both ”old” and ”new” Edinburgh and got a lot of stories about people and buildings everywhere from the guide. For instance, he showed us different places where J.K. Rowling had stayed…


The Elephant House = the birthplace of Harry Potter!?! 😉

… but, mostly he spoke about more historical places and people.

iPhone 2013-10-02 1188

The Writers Museum


Just a nice building

After the tour we went along the Royal Mile and ended up at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. There we went on a guided tour of the Holyrood Abbey and the garden… and then we took a look inside the house.

iPhone 2013-10-02 1189

In front of the Palace of Holyroodhouse

iPhone 2013-10-02 1139

In front of Holyrood Abbey

iPhone 2013-10-02 1197

Inside Holyrood Abbey

iPhone 2013-10-02 1170

Me in front of the palace

It was quite fun to hear about the history of the abbey and about the castle… and about all the kings and queens that have lived there. Nowadays queen Elisabeth II stayes there for about a week every year.

After the tour of Edinburgh and the tour of the abbey and the castle we were kind of tired, so we went back to the hotel. Later, that same evening, we then went to the stand up comedy club The Stand… and we took a taxi going there. This was the first time I’d ever gone somewhere in an actual british taxi… and I really wanted to have a picture of the car. But, I forgot! 😦

The night at The Stand was fun… different stand up comedians doing their stuff. 😀

After a good night’s sleep and another lovely breakfast we walked up to Edinburgh Castle. On the way up there I took a picture of a man in a kilt playing the pipes:


At Edinburgh Castle we visited/looked at all the different buildings and read about the history of the castle (it’s an old one).

iPhone 2013-10-02 1190

And, before we felt done with the experience we did what we always do: we had a FIKA! 😉

So, what did we do next? Well, we took a taxi to the Royal Botanic Garden… and visited the Tropical Palm House.

iPhone 2013-10-02 1140

If you look closely at the picture above you can see how windy it was that day… felt like a storm. 😉

But, inside the glass houses it was warm and cosy. It was really nice to look at (and smell) all the different flowers and trees. I took a lot of pictures there… and so did G:

iPhone 2013-10-02 1231

iPhone 2013-10-02 1230

iPhone 2013-10-02 1150

My favourite place was probably the house with the water-lilies. Most of all I liked the ones that were really big:


They really looked nice… and I loved the pond. 🙂

This one looked kind of nice too… but in a totally different way: 😉 😀


When we had visited all the different rooms/houses we decided to walk back to the hotel. A bus driver told us it wouldn’t be too far to go by foot. He was wrong! 😉 But, finally we arrived at the hotel… and got ready for the dinner that we were supposed to have at a nice tapas place we found. We decided to go for another walk going there… and we got there just in time! 😉


We ate fried calamares, fish, vegetables, meatballs in tomato sauce, spanish sausages and more… and drank a bottle of red wine. We stayed so long we almost missed the big thing of the evening: the fireworks that was going to end the festival. We hurried back to the hotel and watched the amazing fireworks from our hotel window. It was awesome!

iPhone 2013-10-02 1141

iPhone 2013-10-02 1146

My last day in Scotland we went for another walk (what else?)… this time up the Calton Hill. On our way there we visited the old cemetary of Calton Hill… and there I took this picture:

iPhone 2013-10-02 1114

At Calton Hill we had the most astonishing view of Edinburgh:

iPhone 2013-10-02 1115

iPhone 2013-10-02 1117

Well… then… after I bought a book about Edinburgh and after one last fika in the park, G drove me to the airport, and three days of fun came to an end. It was an awesome weekend and I sincerely hope that it wont be another year until we see each other again.

G, thank you so much for showing me Edinburgh and taking such good care of me… with your carefully planned itinerary. 😉



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